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Here's to a Healthier Happier You in 2015!

Americans are in trouble According to the CDC, more than one-third of US. adults are obese. The really frightening statistic is that children are the fastest growing segment of this group. This leads to younger individuals with diabetes, insulin resistance, and hypertension. All of which can lead to additional health problems and premature death. In order to combat this growing epidemic, many have begun working on their January weight loss resolutions and started a new diet. It is important to keep in mind, that no matter what 'fad diet' you choose, the basic fact is you have to take in fewer calories than you need to lose weight. The best way to meet your 2015 resolutions and have a lifetime of weight control is to change vour habits into everyday healthy eating and exercise routines with a balanced calorie intake.

I believe the most important activity that you can do to help with your weight loss is to record and use a food log along with caloric food equivalents. It sounds tedious, but a food log will teach you a lot about yourself and there are plenty of smartphone apps, websites, and pocket books that list this information for quick and easy reference. This activity is great to help you learn what calories are in the food you eat and how many useless calories you take into your body daily. It also gives you a record of when you eat, how much, where and why. Your habits begin to emerge and then you can begin to substitute for better behaviors. For instance if vou find that your snacks tend to be high calorie or high fat foods then try substituting fresh fruit. If you snack late at night, set 8 p.m. as the time to stop eating. It also helps to shop and stock your home snacks, like string cheese, popcorn or unsalted nuts. If you find you starve yourself all day and splurge at night, (the worst possible, eating scenario) you really have to make the change to eat 6 small meals, even if it goes against everything you have ever done. This is one activity that must stop, or you will never lose anything.

One diet program that I would recommend trying is Weight Watchers. They greatly encourage the use of food logs and also do a good job of teaching portion sizes and how to eat, so you don't feel starved.

I know there are several good deals with Weight Watchers this time of year to join and they have an online app with a great food log tracker.

Losing weight is a process of learning how to eat, how to exercise at least three times a week, and how to change bad habits one at a time into better healthy habits. We all know what is essentially better for us. Making the commitment to change and do better each year is a good start. I encourage you to stop by Power County Family Clinic, during business hours, throughout the month of January to pick-up a FREE copy of our healthy weight loss information packet. I've used the information frequently for weight loss classes and groups. It's full of information and ideas to help guide you on your 2015 weight loss goals.

I hope that these tips and tools are helpful for you and if you have any additional questions about your health, I encourage you to schedule an annual physical with us at Power County Family Clinic- 226-1057. I wish you good luck in meeting your weight and health goals for the New Year!

Kris Babb, Nurse Practitioner

Power County Family Clinic

"Stop by Power County Family Clinic, luring business hours, throughout the month of January to pick-up a FREE copy of our healthy weight loss information packet."

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Original Publication Date: January 14, 2015

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