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Mayor commends council, city staff for efforts in tight financial times

The Aberdeen Times of Aberdeen, Idaho

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1 Mayor Morgan Anderson opened the Aberdeen City Council meeting with his State of the City address, thanking the Aberdeen city crew members and council members for their hard work and diligence for the past year. He commended the council members for staying within their budgets even though financial times had been difficult.

He cited many instances which have contributed tthe city working well. The Gem Community has started on the Gem Trail and a portion will have asphalt laid down this spring or summer. The computer software program used by the city is up and running. People are starting tget the revised bills in the mail. The airport layout plan has been finalized which has alsincluded a grant for some new equipment. Keller and Associates have worked hard tcomplete the beginning stages of the wastewater treatment plan. City crew members have worked on using the camera equipment ttape videsewer lines and jetting them in preparation for the sewer project.

Citing his goals for the coming year, Anderson said he wants the community tknow they will continue twork on sewer lines in preparation for the project, getting a sprayer for keeping dust down on the gravel roads and upgrading ordinances which are out of date.

After the State of the City address, Anderson went on tthe regular beginning of the year business. He asked that the council appoint Marva Jean Mueller as the clerk/treasurer for the council and that Dan Acevedbe retained as attorney. The city council approved those requests. He alsasked each council member tkeep working with the departments they are currently over. They agreed.

Council persons attending the meeting were Brian Schneider, Larry Barrett, Craig Wampler, Lisa Pankau, Mary Leisy and Aaron Spence. Marva Jean Mueller, Dan Acevedo, Richard Mayer and Police Chief Ray Dalling alsattended.Reporting on his department Schneider said he had nothing new on the golf course but alswanted tcommend the city crew for their hard work on snow removal. He alsthanked Anderson for his hard work throughout the year.

Leisy seconded Schneider's comments about the city crew and mayor. She has been working on getting a new tractor at the airport with part of the grant money. The Gem Trail is coming along with asphalt being slated tput down later this spring on a portion of the trail. She attended the Aberdeen Vision workshop presented by Ben Ledford.

Wampler talked with Jim Mullin tget an update on the sewer project concerning the grants. They are still waiting thear from DEQ about the waiver on the flood plain. They should alshear soon on the Rural Development grant they applied for.

Discussion was held on when sewer rates needed tginteffect for the project. A resolution was made tincrease the sewer rates by the approved $9 starting with the March 2011 bill. Residents should receive a letter stating this with their February bill.

Pankau asked when Anderson could meet with the Mayor's Youth Council this month sshe could set up a meeting in January.

Spence didn't have anything. A question was raised about the hours at the recycling center. The hours are posted at the recycling center.

Barrett said the city planning and zoning committee had cancelled its meeting for the month. He will review the business in residential buildings ordinance he received from the City of Blackfoot tgain insight intwhat would be best for Aberdeen.

Acevedand Dalling reported they had nothing for the council at that time.

Mayer reported on his city crew. They have finished alley cleanup and went through every alley at least once. They have worked on snow removal in the city and at the airport. The tree removal on 4th West is complete. He said Bingham County has hauled or will haul in about 600 t700 tons of gravel for the completion of a portion of the Gem Trail. They will continue twork on equipment, snow removal as needed and water repairs.

Mueller reported the new software program for the city is working well and they are very close thaving everything switched tthe new program. They used the program tsend out the new water bills in January.

Bills were paid and the meeting was adjourned until Feb. 8th.

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Original Publication Date: January 19, 2011

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