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Valentine's Day romance tips for all relationships

The Aberdeen Times of Aberdeen, Idaho

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Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, but it can also be one of the most challenging. If you are a new couple, how do you express your feelings without going overboard? If you are an established couple with work and family responsibilities, where can you find the time to arrange a romantic evening?

The answers are actually very simple. Just ask Rochelle Lulow, creative director at American Greetings, who immersed herself in everything love to supervise the creation of the newest romantic cards from the greeting card company. As they conducted focus groups, poured over research and sat down to talk to consumers about their relationships, Lulow and her team gained insight not only into the perfect card, but also what makes for the perfect bond.

"Valentine's Day is all about your relationship," says Lulow. "And the very best way to celebrate is to just focus on what makes the both of you happy, and what makes your relationship so unique."

Lulow and her team offer some basic tips for celebrating your romance, no matter what stage you're at as a couple.

New Couple or Just Flirting

You may have just started dating or are still working up the nerve, but either way there is some chemistry, so embrace it. Go on a double date to lessen the pressure of a night alone, while not losing the intimacy by going with a large group.

Keep your gift light and simple, but thoughtful. Burn a CD for your sweetheart and pair it with a fun e-card or even a quick text message to let him or her know you're interested.

Growing Couple

You have moved beyond mutual attraction to something more. Slowly you are learning the subtleties that make each of you who you are. You love spending time together, but are still at the stage where you have to work around schedules.

To get in the romantic spirit, use the whole week leading up to Valentine's Day to arrange mini-dates. Monday, enjoy game night. Tuesday, watch a favorite show or movie together. Wednesday, skip the gym and get dessert. Thursday, make up for the mid-week treat by working out together. On Friday, Valentine's Day eve, slip out of work a little early and go out for a light dinner and movie.

Show your sweetie how well you know him or her with a gift that reflects his or her interests. Get tickets to a game for a sports nut, a first edition of a favorite novel for a book lover, or a basket of kitchen gadgets for your favorite chef.

Established Couple

You have committed to one another and now you are both looking forward to your future. You are also juggling a lot of responsibilities, which can make planning difficult. With Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday this year, take some time and go on a weekend trip. Visit a nearby city you have never seen and stay in a cozy bed and breakfast to enhance the romance.

Keep your gift simple by treating your significant other to a random day of kindness. Present breakfast in bed, flood the house with sticky notes featuring compliments and favorite memories, and round out the day by preparing a favorite meal.

Committed Couple

You two have been lucky enough to experience many of life's most important milestones together. Valentine's Day is now all about remembering the great memories you have already made, and looking forward to making many more.

Combine romance and nostalgia by re-enacting your very first date. As you reminisce, take some time to discuss doing a few of those things you have always promised yourselves, but never quite gotten around to.

Revisit favorite memories with a customized photo book. Include favorite photos, but also be sure to add small mementos such as love notes and cards to ticket stubs or theater programs.

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Original Publication Date: February 4, 2009

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