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Commissioners discuss the future

Arthur Graphic-Clarion of Arthur, Illinois

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Park commissioners spent considerable time on Tuesday, January 13, discussing plans for the future, including the possibility of creating a new park and selling the property currently known as Jurgens Park.

Bob Doan, economic development coordinator, asked the board if they had given any more consideration about a facility with ball diamonds, soccer fields, and swimming pool.

Tim Likens, board president, said the board is committed to the existing swimming pool for at least four more years because of repairs made last year.

As for opening a new park and replacing the existing pool, Likens said that would depend on whether the community wants to keep a pool in Arthur.

Likens said commissioners would like to have more ball diamonds so the community can host softball tournaments that would bring people into town and, therefore, help the local economy.

The district, he said, faces several problems in creating a new park. Arthur is landlocked. Suitable land may not be available to the district at reasonable cost.

There are some areas that would work well, Likens said, including property on west side of town and other land on the north.

Doan said he would help the commissioners look for opportunities concerning land suitable for use as a park location. Around 30 acres would be needed to provide for two ball diamonds, new pool, soccer fields, and parking areas.

The park district received two bids for mowing,$38,420 for two years ($19,210 per year) from Amity Landscape and $20,500 per year from Paul Kauffman Mowing Service.

Although it was the more expensive choice, the board unanimously agreed to award the contract to Paul Kauffman who offered a rebate on fuel costs if the price of fuel remained within a specific range during the term of the contract.

The board approved the motion on a 3-0 vote. Kurt Hall and Shawn Vanausdoll were absent. Commissioners voting in favor of the contract were Tim Likens, Danny Miller, and Marvin Reeves.

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Original Publication Date: January 28, 2015

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