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Patty Jonas is a straight shooter

Cottonwood Journal Extra of Cottonwood, Arizona

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Patty Jonas has the Internet to thank in large part for the way her family makes their living.

Jonas was working last week behind the counter at her family's gun shop on Main Street in Camp Verde.

While a customer came in to peruse the rifles lined up on racks against the walls, Jonas said most of their business comes from shoppers and collectors online.

"We sell all over the world," Jonas said.

Jonas said one customer is a collector in Norway and many more shop from across the country and nations around the globe.

Jonas is an Arizona native, originally from Flagstaff. Her family moved to Camp Verde in 1970 when her father opened up the an animal clinic out on State Route 260. "There are a lot more people here now, but overall Camp Verde isn't really that different," Jonas said.

The family has had the shop on Main Street for about three-and-a-half years, Jonas said.

Jonas said her husband was a collector of World War II military weapons and items and eventually that hobby translated into a business.

Jonas said she got her federal license to sell firearms and has been at it ever since.

It wasn't always something she had an interest in.

"I never even fired a gun before until my husband and I were dating," Jonas said.

Today, it's still something the couple enjoys as a hobby, getting out to shoot whenever they can.

"Usually around once a week or so," Jonas said.

Jonas said her son has also been raised around firearms and has been trained how to handle them safely and responsibly.

When she's not out shooting, Jonas said she enjoys hiking and she knows she's in the right place for that particular pastifne.

"I still haven't found all the trails yet," Jonas said.

She's also actively training in the martial arts.

The local martial arts school she is a part of is big on promoting a sense of family, one that Jonas said is definitely real.

"When one person is down, they're all together to help pick them back up," Jonas said.

Jonas said she also branched out into a side business related to firearms, involving the manufacture of fully automatic weapons.

The idea started when there was talk of a training academy for law enforcement and military type skills to the area; her business would help supply them with the special weapons and equipment they needed.

The academy hasn't arrived and Jonas said the business on that end is on hold.

In the meantime, Jonas continues to work at the shop.

A picture of another famous yet fictional Arizonan, John Rambo, hangs from the wall behind the counter.

Jonas said she had a couple of AK-47s from the third "Rambo" movie but sold one to a collector.

While some specialty items, like the shop's MG-42 machine gun from WWII aren't for sale, there are still plenty of other items available if the price is right._

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Original Publication Date: January 29, 2014

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