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Stanton County Trojan Cross Country's Season Updated

The Johnson Pioneer of Johnson, Kansas

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On the morning of a strong inversion, the Trojans excitedly headed to Syracuse on Saturday the 3rd of October to run in nice, cool weather. The 2015 Syracuse Cross Country Invitational set the scene for a great day of running and our cross country team made just that happen. However, one may want to hold some reservations while looking at the times, and keep in mind that the given times do not completely match up with our runners' capabilities and past performances. While the finishing places of the runners are accurate, times may not well-represent our athletes. This is perhaps due to the seemingly long distance of the course.

While the seventh grade ran their mile this day, the quick hills provided a challenge, but allowed our runners to show their true grit. Jania Don Juan had a great race with a time of 7:31, enough to place 11th. Ana Karen Soto completed her 1600 meters in 9th place in 7:36. Peyton Peterson used some quick techniques to stomp the competition and achieve first place by completing her mile in 6:15. Lastly, Blaze Batterton medaled in 9th place with a time of 6:14, in the seventh grade boys' race.

As our team does not have any young ladies running in the 8th grade division, our boys continue to represent us well. Out of nineteen runners, first year runner Brandon Dominguez placed 16th, completing his two miles in 22:45. Arnold Mendoza placed 7th, enough to medal, with a time of 16:55. Just in front of him came Jareth Carrasco in 6th place in 16:20. These boys were able to explore a bit more of the course with this two mile route, preparing them to be able to run it better next fall as high school runners.

This weekend we had six JV runners competing in the 5k, or 3.1 mile, distance. For the ladies Heather Julian placed 16th out of twenty, finishing with a time of 34:20. Ahead of her, by just a few seconds, was her teammate, Franka Wacker, in 15th place in 34:00 flat. Freshman Todd Shoemaker finished 45th in the boys JV race with a time of 29:42. Fellow freshman, Zach Julian, finished 43rd in 29:02. Ahead by a few minutes, Senior Caleb Sipes placed 32nd, completing the race in 24:49. Finishing the 5k in the quickest time for the JV runners, freshman Dylan Floyd placed 24th in just 22:46.

Stanton County Varsity Girls ran well this weekend, taking home 3rd place as a team, only to be beat by Ulysses and Hugoton. Junior Carly Gum ran for the Trojans and finished 45th in 26:35. Freshman Jaclyn Black ran with a quick pace, allowing her to achieve 37th place with a time of 25:24.

Vianney Sierra had perhaps one of her best races of the season, finishing as our fourth runner in 33rd in 25:13. Ahead of her about thirty seconds were two of her more seasoned teammates. Junior Jackie Chavez placed 27th with a speedy time of 24:48. Julia Schmidt came in 26th, just seconds before, in 24:46. Representing the Lady Trojans strong once again, Rebeca Avelar won first place by fifty-seven seconds in just 21:23. The ladies missed Briclin Garza this weekend, but we expect to see her compete next time in Lakin. While we do have a large gap between our number one and two runners, our second through sixth runners continue to work well, shaving down their times each week.

The men's team also had some exciting performances during this competition. The runners knew what they had to do to be able to compete with the present teams and showed some real strength. Our seventh varsity runner, freshman Trey Summers, finished 63rd out of seventy-four runners, with a great time of 22:55. This young runner continues to show his promising capabilities each week. Senior Kylor Yohn placed 49th in 21:17. Jeff Gum helped out the team placing, 39th finishing somewhere around 20:30. With hair blowing wildly, Omar Rodriguez finished in a time of 20:11, placing 29th. Junior Ariel Carrasco had an awesome day as our third runner and finished 23rd in just 19:54. Placing 13th, high enough to take home a medal, freshman Jose Rodriguez finished in 19:33. Running with true heart and determination, Caleb Carrasco finished in second place, only sixteen seconds behind a very tal-ented runner from Hugoton, with a fabulous time of 18:27. Last, but not least, the Trojans placed 4th as a team with 101 points, beating Hooker, OK by one point, and just shy of catching Ulysses who had 97 points. Quite the close race!

This Saturday was the coolest morning the Trojans have run in, up to this point, which perhaps contributed to their stellar performances. Nonetheless, improvement and quicker times continue to shine through each week. As the season is ending, the Trojans only have one more event before the League Cross County Meet takes place in Cimarron Thursday, October 15th. Check out next week's article to see how the Trojans represent Stanton County in Lakin.

By: Coach Alexis Jagel ski

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 marked, one of the last early Saturday mornings the Trojans had to wake up to travel to their last regular season cross country meet. It's hard to fathom how quickly the season has happened this year. No different than any other meet this season, all the Trojans ran well enough to make coaches, parents, and other supporters just downright proud. The team trained hard the previous week, some taking on two practices a day, to prepare them for the steep, brutal hills, notorious on the Lakin course.

Leading the 7th grade girls for the junior high Trojans, and for the entire meet, Peyton Peterson ran with a time of 6:26. Following her, our very own Ana Karen Soto placed 17th in 7:37, while battling a bit of sickness. Jania Don Juan was unable to attend this meet. Finally for our 7th grade runners, Blaze Batterton had a personal record and placed 9th, all in 6:12. This competition allowed us to see some quick times for our three eighth grade boys in the two mile distance. Jareth Carrasco took home a medal and 14th place with a time of 14:23. Teammate Arnold Mendoza came in 17th in 14:48. Lastly for the 8th graders, Brandon Dominguez placed 28th in 17:31. These junior high students have their last competition on Thursday the 15 th for the League Cross Country Meet.

Franka Wacker was our sole female JV competitor. She ran the 5k in 29:50. The Trojans missed Heather Julian and Zach Julian this weekend in the JV races. For the JV Boys, Dylan Floyd represented well, placing 13 th, taking home a medal, and completing the race in 21:11. Caleb Sipes placed 24th and ran with a time of 23:50.

Beating out the competition and leading the Lady Trojans, Rebeca Avelar placed first with a time of 20:26. With an exciting, great race, Junior Jackie Chavez placed 24th with a time of 23:50. Coming in third for the team, Julia Schmidt placed 26th in 24:05. Forty seconds later, Jaclyn Black finished in 24:45, placing 36th. Vianney Sierra struggled a bit this day with some knee troubles, but still finished in 26:35. Carlee Gum came in not too far behind in 27:13. Finishing for the Trojans, Briclin Garza completed the race in 28:21. As a team, the women placed 6th out of eight teams with 121 points. The Trojans ended the day with their mindsets focused on future performances at the upcoming League, Regional and State meets.

For the men, Junior Caleb Carrasco represented Stanton County by placing 3rd with a great time of 17:38. Freshman Jose Rodriguez continued to improve, finishing in 18:44 and placing 18th. Jeffrey Gum and Omar Rodriguez finished close behind their teammate, both finishing in 19:03, just tenths of seconds apart. Fifth for the Trojans came Ariel Carrasco in 19:33, placing 41st. Not far behind, Kylor Yohn came in 47th with a time of 20:04. Wrapping things up for the Trojans, Trey Summers finished 58th out of eighty-two runners, with a time of 20:47. The men's running pack has been conscious of closing the gap between the second and fifth runners, and this weekend we once again saw how this strategy continues to pay off. Our men's team placed fifth overall out of ten teams. Temperatures and terrain of the Lakin Invitational provided a challenging, but enthralling race as spectators chased the Trojans all around the course. All around, the Trojans performed well on Saturday. However, coaches anticipate race times to be reduced even more in the three meets that remain in the season. For interested readers, League will occur October 15th in Cimarron, Regionals will happen in Meade October 24th, and the State Meet will take place October 31 in Wamego. Please continue to support and congratulate our Trojan athletes and teams!

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Original Publication Date: October 22, 2015

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