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McMorris Rodgers fails to stand up against gun lobby

Cheney Free Press of Cheney, Washington

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Gun or person? Try painting without a brush, try eating without a fork and try killing 49 people without a gun. Tools are needed to get a job done and if you want to do a whole lot of harm to your fellow man, the AR-15 is a great tool.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers hasn't demonstrated the political will to do anything about gun slaughter and violence happening daily.

She waits for cues from her ideologically driven party leaders.

Nobody is asking her for the elimination of guns but merely attention to the "general welfare" clause in the Constitution. The Second Amendment doesn't preclude regulations. It is a collection of words that can be interpreted to suit anyone's opinion but it does say militia in the mix, and militias, as well as badly behaved people with guns, need regulations.

Crazy folk with out-sized guns and magazines can strike at anytime and anyplace even in District 5. McMorris Rodgers doesn't seem to care. We have a chance to replace her in the upcoming primary or this November. Don't goose step behind her.

Carlan Bradshaw Walla Walla

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Original Publication Date: July 14, 2016

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