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Now is time to prepare for the wildfire season

The Camp Verde Journal of Camp Verde, Arizona

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Facts from the Chief

We are quickly approaching wildland fire season. Wildfire hazard rating is based on many factors, including, but not limited to, fire access to the property, surrounding vegetation, topography, structure construction and available fire protection.

The defensible zone around your home is a distance of 30 feet. Within that zone, we recommend thinning out and removing vegetation. If you do not have 30 feet of property next to your home, work with what you have.

To protect your home from potential wildfires as well as make fall yard cleanup easier, the Verde Valley Fire District is issuing no-cost burn permits. Permits are required for any open burning in the fire district, and are currently available at the VVFD's business office at 2700 Godard between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. As always, extreme caution must be used.

Any time winds exceed 10 miles per hour, open burning will not be allowed.

Permit holders are required to call the communication center at 282-7101 prior to starting a burn, and will be advised if it is a no-burn day due to weather.

A complete list of conditions for burning is spelled out on the permit.

Construction materials, all plastic material, brush larger than four inches in diameter, paper, cardboard, rubbish and garbage may not be burned.

Always remember, never leave any fires unattended.

Another option to determine how to create a defensible space is partnering with the VVFD and allowing us to visit your property to provide defensible space suggestions. This option is based on our daily workload and availability.

Here are some steps you can take to protect your home from potential wildfires:

Reduce flammable vegetation, trees and brush around your home.

Remove dead trees and prune low-hanging branches Cut grass and weeds regularly.

Relocate wood piles and leftover building materials away from structures.

Keep your roof and yard clean of pine needles, leaves and debris.

Remember, by keeping your property clear from potential wildland fire hazards it protects you, your neighbors and your community. Thank you for your efforts, keeping our community safe and helping us to help you. Wildfire is everyone's responsibility and prevention is your best defense.

I encourage any groups, homeowners associations, etc., to contact me for a personal visit to answer any questions or to give a presentation from the VVFD.

For further information on your Verde Valley Fire District, go to our website at verde, stop by one of our fire stations or contact me directly Facts from the Chief, written by Verde Valley Fire District Fire Chief Nazih Hazime, appears on the first Wednesday of each month.

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Original Publication Date: May 6, 2015

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