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Grass fire reaches storage shed

The Democrat Reporter of Linden, Alabama

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Flames roared from Tommy Ray's storage structure and into tall pine trees Tuesday afternoon, Jan 14. Marengo County Coroner Stuart Eatmon was passing by a group of homes in Providence when he saw a grass fire burning uphill from a trash fire near Highway 43. He called 911 and drove around to Highway 69 which was up hill from the grass fire. He communicated to the 911 dispatcher that the grass fire was burning into the shed. "It caught a lawn mower on fire," he radioed. In a few minutes, the fire had reached his pickup truck under one side of the roof. Inside, a camper trailer was parked with other machinery and equipment and an antique car. The brisk wind fanned the flames and as the truck tires exploded with loud booms, gases and other flamables inside the structure were whistling and wheezing. Linden Fire Department truck was the first to arrive and the Marengo County Fire and Rescue Squad truck came to the scene. Other trucks arrived but the contents of the barn were totally destroyed. The path of fire as it climbed the hill to the shed was a blackened ash of grass. The plume of black smoke climbed high in the January sky and was visible from 10 miles away before the winds whisked it away.

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Original Publication Date: January 16, 2014

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