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Foster Avenue man feels speed trapped in Thomasville

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Rusty Swanson, resident of Foster Avenue, asked Thomasville city council Monday, March 10 to change about the speed limit.

Swanson said, ' 'I feel like 1 am in a speed-trap every time I go home. It's not hie I am a heavy speeder, but the officers aren't even giving any miles past the 25 without getting pulled over."

According to Swanson, the speed limit is posted at 25 M.P.H. and that it's being strictly enforced by the Thomasville Police Department. He said the problem with that is even a school area is designated with a 30 M.P.H. sign and that seems fairer.

The changes were made several weeks ago as a petition was gathered turned in about wanting speed bumps in that area. The citizens from the neighborhood were concerned with elderly, and children playing. They claimed that speeders drive through there, some not even living in the neighborhood.

Thomasville Police Chief, Mitchell

Stuckey also lives on that street and has been monitoring the situation closely.

After petitioners came last month the city council decided it was best to try to enforce the speed, rather than put up speed bumps that would be a nuisance.

Mayor Sheldon Day told Swanson he and the city council members would look into the situation and find a happy medium that would help all involved.

In other business, Mayor Day acknowledged about the spring clean-up that is in the works for April. The project will be a "help to the community," as there are some committees and cleaning projects that will be going on in each district. Anyone that has a small job that they need help fixing up within reason can call their councilman. Their name and job can be put on the list for the committees to addtess during the clean-up. This includes removal of stuff outside, maybe outside bushes, and other small things to keep the outside ready for spring.

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Original Publication Date: March 13, 2014

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