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Disaster and Accident

Young cowboy sustains head injury; will recover

The Democrat Reporter of Linden, Alabama

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Jacob Browder of Demopolis is not your average 15 year old bull rider.

According to his mom Susan Browder, "Power in Prayer" would describe him best.

She said this after an intense 48 day hospital stay.

A bull riding head injury left him almost dead.

It all started on Sept. 6 at Campbell Bull Riding Clinic in Montgomery.

The large bull he was riding reared back and he was hit on his head. He was transported to Baptist Medical Center and then airlifted that night to Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

Doctors made the serious prognosis to family: he suffered from several brain bleeds, broken jawbone, and an axonal brain injury. This was due to part of the brain rolling in his skull.

Nicky Browder, father, remembers the doctors saying, "Be prepared he may not come out of this coma."

Jacob was kept in a medical induced coma for 14 days. He then started his long road to recovery.

Demopolis and the surrounding communities stepped up to the family in their time of need. Prayers, fund raisers, and hugs surrounded Jacob* and his family. Tee shirts were sold as fast as they could be made. Prayer bracelets followed next along with funds set up in local banks.

After his release from the hospital Oct. 24, he still has blurred vision, problems with speech, and short term memory loss. This is all small in comparison to what doctors and therapists had expected. His latest progress is walking short distances on his own. He is working hard at his rehabilitation.

He is at home recovering and in rehabilitation to relearn everything. He said, "I have to relearn everything. Have to learn how to eat, walk, talk, and use my hand and leg again."

He is not happy ending as he knows his bull riding and football days are over. The high school sophomore sophomore can still have the "bull rush" from the sidelines. He still plans to buy a horse and participate in the rodeo once he recovers. He also plans to play baseball next year.

Demopolis High School students can plan to have their classmate back in January 2015 after the Christmas break.

Both parents had issued words of wisdom: "Jacob is a perfect example of how powerful prayer is. We have prayed from the moment of the accident, and he is recovering fast. Our family has been touched by so many communities. They love him, and we are speechless for everything that has been done to help with his recovery."

Funds that are raised will offset medical costs after insurance coverage. If you would like to help out you can still donate at

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Original Publication Date: December 4, 2014

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