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We all can help in emergencies

Cape Gazette of Lewes, Delaware

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The recent mass shooting in Orlando, and its consequent immediate requirement for large supplies of blood for transfusions, serves as a glaring reminder of the importance of having emergency blood supplies on hand. The Blood Bank of Delmarva this week issued an urgent call for people in our region to make plans to donate blood.

"Summer blood inventories are difficult enough to maintain with fewer donors responding to our pleas for help," said Michael Waite, Blood Bank of Delmarva director of marketing and community relations. "We truly need people to take this request seriously, as our supply of this lifesaving gift is running dangerously low. We're very close to being at a critical stage, and we need our community to respond."

Waite noted that summer months bring more travel in and through Delmarva, and an unfortunate increase in crashes leading to a greater need for blood. That's something we're painfully aware of here in the Cape Region.

Statistics released recently by the Delaware Office of Highway Safety confirm that this is a growing problem. As of June 12, fatalities on Delaware roadways-52 since January-are running 7 percent ahead of the 46 recorded in the same months of 2015. Our highways continue to be the most dangerous place that most of us encounter each day. "Innocent people are getting injured every day, which is why we need to bolster the local blood supply, especially our O-negative inventory," said Waite. "O-negative blood is the universal type which can be transfused to anyone in an emergency, and the first product rescue personnel reach for to save someone's life."

We often feel powerless to provide immediate help when it comes to the emergencies that are an unfortunate part of life. Giving blood, however, offers an opportunity for almost every one of us, regardless of financial status, to give a lifesaving gift equal to everyone else.

The Blood Bank of Delmarva has a comfortable mobile unit that comes to several locations in our region to make contributions convenient. Check out to join the effort or call 1-888-825-6638.

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Original Publication Date: June 17, 2016

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