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Mayor Raven sets record straight

The American of Vinita, Oklahoma

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The Town of Bernice remains supportive of its newly-hired Police Chief, Travis Lowe. Lowe was selected as the Bernice Police Chief based upon his experience and excellent track record as a law enforcement officer.

Certain sources have falsely reported that Travis Lowe was convicted of domestic violence while serving as a Police Chief of Burden, Kansas. The Town of Bernice fully investigated those reports.

Bernice Mayor Bill Raven reports: "From all of our review, Travis reached for a cell phone during an argument with his wife and bumped into her. She called the police and under Kansas law; any reported touching must result in an arrest. Travis was arrested at that point. Since that time, Travis's wife has issued a sworn statement that:

'I positioned a telephone so that Travis Lowe could not easily reach it and when he reached for it, Travis Lowe accidently bumped me with his shoulder or upper arm. At that time, Travis Lowe was unaware that he had made contact with me, and it was clear to me that he did not intend to either touch or make contact with me, and certainly did not do so in an angry, rude or disrespectful manner.

Travis has resolved that incident in Cowley County, Kansas to the satisfaction of the Cowley County Attorney and to our satisfaction." The Town Trustees did not just rely on Travis Lowe's version of the events. Mayor Raven says, "Spoke with Travis, his attorney, the prosecuting attorney, the Mayor of Burden, the Sheriff of Cowley County, and the Sheriff of several adjoining counties, each of which were fully aware of the incident. Without hesitation, each of those people spoke extremely highly of Travis, both personally and professionally. We are extremely excited for Travis to begin his work as the new Bernice Police Chief. He has the full support of the Town Trustees and, in short order, will gain the full support and respect of this community."

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Original Publication Date: September 29, 2011

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