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Mary sorts her pictures from her most recent vacation

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If's a fairly mellow week for Mary, but some of the townsfolk find themselves in trouble with the law. The Thelers host their usual slough of visitors, Mary learns something of Wyoming, and the men enjoy their outing to the World's Middleweight Championship fight in Seattle. Enjoy!

Thursday July 21, 1938

This was a hot day too and I candled all the eggs that I got from my Dad's and we got everything lined up for the weekend. Sam and I went swimming in the evening and it was the warmest for some time. Sam enjoyed it and so did I. Wrote to Sam's mother and thanked her for the quilt she sent me and to Doug to see if he was still in the frozen north.

Friday July 22, 1938

Sam and Charlie went to Seattle and brought Louise home with them and a new motor for Charlie's boat and is he proud. We were very busy and did not get closed up until late and I got the Cadys to give me a lift to the house so I could leave the car there for Sam and of course he did not stop there so the car stayed up there all night. The Walter Eddys were down and we went in the canal and ate some watermelon and saw the movies that I took at the park and had a good laugh at the face that Dorthy made for she did not know that I was going to take her picture. To bed late and did not sleep so good for I had eaten too much junk.

Saturday July 23, 1938

A very smoky day and we could not see across the bay in the first part of the day. I went to the store and did not stay for this is my day off so I did all the cleaning and it looks nice. Cleaned Charlie's house and it is real nice. Soaked the clothes and cleaned the shoes and all the odd jobs that were hanging from last week. Fern Eddy stayed all night with Louise and rowed clear down to her place and back and then we went in swimming and ate lunch and now I'm finished with my diary. The lawn looks very good since Charlie put that fertilizer on it. It is turning a bright green. Speed says he and Warren are going to form a dance club and wanted to know if I wanted to join. It is a good idea if it does not come on the same night as the Victor dance. The store looked real good this morning and I hope that they had a good day. The weather seems to be getting cooler and I hope it rains. We surely need it. We went to the dance and had a good time and there was a good crowd and lots of fun. There was a man who sang Scotch songs and we all enjoyed them. Home very late and to bed. There will be another dance in two weeks and I hope there is as good a crowd as last night.

Sunday July 24, 1938

A quiet day and we did a lot of resting and in the afternoon we got a good shot at Sam in the hammock. We had a fine ride as far as Henry's home and back and of all things Sam ran aground and did something to the motor so now Charlie had to fix it. Carl Ainsworth and wife and Mrs. and Mr. Wertz of Wyoming were here this afternoon and we had a nice visit and I found out that Mrs. Ainsworth and I belong to the same book club. We found that they had quite a bit to tell about Wyoming and it was very interesting. I mislaid that letter of thanks from the Belfair School District for the flag that we gave them and I guess Charlie burned the magazine I had laid in. I should have taken better care of it for somehow I like to save all my letters. Anyway it was a very nice letter and I hope they got lots of enjoyment out of the flag. It fits perfectly in the back of the stage and looks very good there. I suppose some folks wonder how Sam ever became the owner of the flank that large. I can't find the little Oregon Myrtle trees that I had planted in the garden and I wonder just what Mr. Squires did with them. I hope they are out there somewhere.

Monday July 25, 1938

A quiet day and Bruce and Becky came down early and did the wash and I went to the store and took care of the mail and candled a few eggs for they were all out and we had to send Lee up to my dad's to get some. In the afternoon who should come but Dean Rice and her little daughter and two friends from Whidbey Island. She is coming out later and will stay a while and visit. Art Robins gave us some corn so we went to the beach early and ate our dinner and it was very good. We enjoyed it very much and I hope we can do it oftener. We received cards from Ena and Becky who were down here from Canada and they told what a good time they had here and they would like to stay. Art Heitzman is out of the jail where he has been since Friday when he hit a girl with his car. She had to go to the hospital and he got put into jail for he had no drivers license and was drunk besides. Now he is out and can't drive a car for a year and had to pay a hundred dollars fine. Maybe he will be good for a while. One of the Bill Schauer's boys deserted the U.S. Navy so now they are sending out a paper on him. The kid ought to know he can't do such things and get away with it. I suppose he is in Yakima with the other Schauer family. Louise and I got all my pictures straightened out for I read my diary of the trip to the park and so all the pictures are in the right rotation and as there were over one hundred and fifty counting the ones I bought there; should be an interesting collection for anyone to see. I'm going to write under each one and tell something about it and then when anyone looks at them it will be a complete story of the trip. Never again will I offer to sort all the pictures and negatives out for anyone for it is too much of a job and they could just as well have taken my pictures and sent them in themselves and it might have How did I know what a job I'd pick out for myself.

Tuesday, July 26, 1938

A nice day and we were quite busy. The men all went to the Steele-Hostak fight and the kids and I closed up. Sam did not want to go very much until he saw all the rest going and then he got all pepped up. The men all were betting on Hostak except Pink and Chet and as a result Sam won about sixteen dollars and Emmett won seven and our Seattle bread man won about sixty dollars. The fight only lasted a few minutes and then all the men save Pink whom they lost went out to Georgetown and there in Jules Maise's Bar there they met John and so they did a little celebrating and got home late and tired and hoarse from yelling.

Wednesday, July 27, 1938

I was to go to town with Mrs. Cady today, but her friend called up and said she could not meet her until Thursday and so we are going in tomorrow. They were in last night and told me just as we were closing up. Ruth's sister Becky and the baby are here until some time this week. The baby is so cute and has the curliest hair. Louie was in tonight and said they are moved and gave us his address and said the new baby was fine. He is down here loading the donkey on the truck for the trip up to Bellingham. He was to meet Henry at the boat tonight. I went to the beach and with Charlie's help fixed up the tent and made the bed and now anyone may come and the spare room is ready. I cleaned the house up good and filled the vases with flowers and it looks very nice. I saw the Sundstroms and Mable and her two boys. The little one is especially nice looking.

The spare room is ready for visitors. I wish it could be me! The big lesson this week is how much work it is to organize one's photos. It seems like a lost art. That, and candling eggs. Does anyone out there candle their eggs? Please let me know. I hope you enjoyed reading about Mary's week.

Seyta Selter is a lifelong lover of Hood Canal and resides in Union. She is a visiting professor at The Evergreen State College, as well as a passionate amateur genealogist, archivist and family historian. She can be emailed at

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