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If Pokemon were on the island, they may be flat by now

Shelton-Mason County Journal of Shelton, Washington

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The evenings here on the island are warm, settled and comfortable. We have hummingbirds chasing the last rays of light flitting from bloom to bloom. It is just wonderful to end the day on the deck taking in every dramatic-sky moment - and maybe there is a glass of wine involved with that.

Since we haven't had any grandkids out to visit for the past week, I'm not sure if there are any wild Pokemon creatures running around the island or not. If they were and they were traveling the main roads, well, they would be part of the pavement now. The county has been busy laying down the new coat of chip seal — rough to drive on in the beginning, but makes the road smooth for the year to come.


There will be a LaJune Senior Lunch on July 27. They will be serving a typical summer fare — hot dogs with or without buns, chips, baked beans, coleslaw and, for dessert, Bayshore brownies.

As usual, lunch is served at noon, but with some 100 people showing up to enjoy the food, getting there early is advised.

Everything is bought and prepared by volunteers - they are willing to do the work but would like a $4 donation to help with the cost of the food. All who are 50 and older, and live in the Pioneer School District, are welcome. You can bring a friend or two.


The second 100-Year Building Fund is still available for you to donate to. If you will remember, a community club committee was formed to establish a fund that could be used in the future.

This fund is designed to provide the foundation with money when and if a new community club is needed.

With the growth that goes in communities like ours, it could be 30 years before we might need something like this — but wouldn't it be nice if there was a little nest egg there waiting to help?

As I'm told, this idea got started during the 100th-year celebration party at the hall. Jeff Geibel walked up to Dudley Panchot and said, "I have this idea." Dudley said, "That's a wonderful idea and you're just the one to lead it." And Jeff did get the committee started and he was the leader until we just lost him recently.

The committee is still going and looking forward to the future of our island. There is currently $36,000 in the account, along with several legacy donations.

If you would like to contribute, all you need to do is send a check to HICC, P.O. Box 1635, Shelton, WA 98584.

Make a note that these funds are for the second 100-Year Building Fund.

Mike Callaghan can be reached at

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Original Publication Date: July 21, 2016

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