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New exhibit graces Grove Public Library

The American of Vinita, Oklahoma

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The Grove Public Library has a new exhibit that is sure to spark a flare of collectors and artists alike as a great collection of almost four decades of Native American Art will be on display at the entrance.

The collection is shared with the library and city of Grove by collectors Clint and Cheryl Harris of Broken Arrow who have been married and collected for 37 years.

Clint and Cheryl started their collection with buffalo screen prints in which they purchased in the 1970's and have since moved on to buying a variety of collectibles ranging from artwork, beadwork, to machinery even.

"The people that had these items would sometime explain how they were used and it was just fascinating," Cheryl Harris said.

Cheryl explained that her and her husband would travel throughout the four-state area in search of Native Arts at any garage sell or flea market as well as many state sales in which they obtained a number of items.

Clint Harris commented saying, "At least 80% of these Native Arts are from Oklahoma. Every Saturday and Sunday we go to auctions and other places to find items."

Clint went on to explain that while he purchased the items at an auction, it was his wife Cheryl who would speak to the owners finding out the history of the items and how it was used as such.

"I am really interested in how people live," said Cheryl, "You have to take time to learn the history."

In September the exhibit will be swapped out and replaced with more of the collection including Native American Pottery, beaded work, and many other items. The one on show has many different cowboy items and books as well as a Yei rug, beads, stones, and weaved items.

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Original Publication Date: August 20, 2009

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