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Camp Verde considers leash laws

The Camp Verde Journal of Camp Verde, Arizona

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The Town of Camp Verde is looking at adding leash laws to its rules governing animals on town property.

Last week, the Town Council continued a discussion about the issue at its Wednesday, April 16, regular meeting.

Councilwoman Carol German said that she brought the issue up before the council because she wanted to have a leash law in place before any signs were put up on town property.

"I'm serious about having some kind of leash law," German said. "We couldn't do it unless the ordinance is changed. I wanted to get it on the signs before the signs are ordered."

German said she wanted to see the town move forward with this now.

"I just didn't want to see it go months," German said.

Several people stood up at the meeting to give first-hand accounts of issues where they had to deal with dogs that were running loose.

Robert Foreman said that there was one incident when a dog attacked his 14-year-old son. Foreman said he was also involved in a second incident.

"In both incidents, the fire department responded very professionally," Foreman said.

Others, including children, spoke of other incidents where they had to deal with dogs with the general feeling that something needs to be done to keep dogs under control.

One man said that once he had to actually shoot a dog that was threatening him.

"I think all of us have one of those stories," Councilwoman Robin Whatley said.

Whatley said that once two large dogs came after her daughter but was saved from harm by a boy who came out with a baseball bat.

"[He] took care of those dogs," Whatley said, adding that she was thankful the boy was there to prevent the worst case scenario.

"When we do get dogs, we have to control our dogs," Whatley said. "We live in a public society. We have to be aware of one another."

Whatley said she supported a leash law but felt there needed to be a real penalty attached to any new rules the town may adopt.

"We need some sort of penalty so that people will take it seriously," Whatley said. "We want to make sure that families are safe when they're on town property."

German agreed, bringing up a time when she went bike riding with a friend who got bitten on the leg by a dog that came off of private property.

German said she'd like to see it so that dogs have to be controlled whenever they are off private property and at least contained from getting off of private property.

"I don't want to write new rules unless they are going to be enforced," Councilwoman Jessie Jones said.

Town Manager Russ Martin said he would bring something back before the Town Council next month.

"When we do get dogs, we have to control our dogs. We live in a public society. We have to be aware of one another."

Robin Whatley

Camp Verde Town Councilwoman

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Original Publication Date: April 23, 2014

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