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County changes noise ordinance

Shelton-Mason County Journal of Shelton, Washington

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Nearly 150 people attended the Mason County commissioners meeting this week.

While critics of the proposed Adage plant once again raised concerns, the main focus of the meeting was an amendment to the county's noise ordinance, which was ultimately approved by the board.

About 20 people testified during a hearing on the proposed change, the majority of whom were in favor.

The commissioners removed the word "existing" from the 1989 section of the noise ordinance dealing with motor sports, which formerly read "sounds originating from motor vehicle racing events at existing authorized facilities."

The Economic Development Council asked the commissioners to make the change, arguing that the former code limited future growth and economic development opportunities.

Following a staff briefing on the ordinance change, Shelton resident Clawd Blake called for Commissioner Ross Gallagher to recuse himself.

"Ross, I think you should not be voting on it anyway, being a race-car person."

Gallagher later noted that he is indeed a licensed dragster operator, but hasn't raced in 22 years. Commissioner Sheldon also addressed the conflict of interest issue and noted that he wouldn't recuse himself from discussions about a golf course just because he happens to play golf.

The commissioners were adamant that amending the ordinance doesn't pave the way for any specific facility to be built and that any such move would require a separate, special-use permit.

"It doesn't specifically target any proposal. It's countywide," Commissioner Sheldon said.

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Original Publication Date: May 6, 2010

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