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MN State & Regional FFA Officers Visit L-O Ag Dept/FFA

LeRoy Independent of LeRoy, Minnesota

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On Monday, October 13th the L-O FFA Officer Team and the and 5th hour — Leadership 101 Class welcomed two very special guests. The MN State FFA Treasurer — Brady Wulf, from Morris and Region 8 FFA Treasurer — Travis Troendle from Lanesboro.

Generally every year at least 2 Regional FFA Officers visit each FFA chapter in the Region 8 area, but for the 2014-15 the MN FFA is trying something new. All chapters will be visited in the region by teams made up of a MN State FFA Officer and 1-2 region officers to teach students about teamwork, leadership and reinforce the many opportunities available in FFA. They illustrated their points with various hands-on activities, presentations and question & answer lessons as well.

Brady and Travis did a few events on teamwork with the human knot (where all the students in the Leadership 101 class had to work together utilizing teamwork and communication to take their knot and uncoil it without letting go of hands). In addition, the duo also prepared activities and games LOHS students to learn about the FFA opportunities available to them at all levels and they talked of coming out of "one's comfort zone" to experience what FFA has to offer focusing on the leadership skills that one already has — making them blossom.

In addition, during lunch that day the L-O FFA Officers hosted a lunch for the visiting officers and had a causal discussion on topics that they wanted to get more information on or ideas for as they related to the LeRoy-Ostrander FFA Chapter. The visit was a great time for the FFA Officer Team and Leadership students to review what they had already know about the FFA and to learn more about FFA opportunities and leadership events that await them.

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Original Publication Date: October 23, 2014

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