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Raine's I-phone was lost but her Apple found it

The Democrat Reporter of Linden, Alabama

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Computers run by pretty young girls can find lost I-phones 15 miles away. Raine Taylor who lives in Nanafalia lost hers at school last October when it fell from a pocket in her jacket.

Being a teenager with a sharp mind and an Apple computer with the bundle which connects her I-phone to it via the internet, the

Sweet Water High School sophomore didn't fret very much.

When she got home that afternoon, she turned her computer on, but there was no signal from her I-phone.

Every afternoon after school, she tried again, and on Saturday.

On Sunday it showed up with a "You phone has been found" message.

With some key strokes and some manipulating the finger tip pad, she pulled up a picture of the neighborhood, even zoomed in to the road it was on.

In her computer is a program which can produce a satellite picture of the area complete with houses, streets, road names, and of course the community.

To get all that takes a few key strokes and manipulating the finger pad.

To demonstrate, Raine put her I-phone beside her computer on the table at her Nanafalia home.

It took but a few minutes to show her home with a dot on it indicating her cell phone was at this place.

So back in October after her phone fell to the ground between the school bus and the front door of Sweet Water High School gymnasium, she was unable to find it since her computer was at home and at school cell phones are to be turned off and kept out of sight unless a teacher prescribes their uses.

So the charming young lass went through geometry, chemistry, history, literature, newspaper editing, library, and band practice with her loss inside.

Of course, she was concerned about her I-phone as would all other teens woula be.

She admitted when she discovered its location on her computer that Sunday afternoon, she cried for joy and called a deputy to go search the ditch it lay in.

An elderly man sitting on the front porch of one of the many homes in the neighborhood told the deputy he saw some kids playing over near the ditch. The deputy walked over to that ditch and found Raine's I-phone.

Being skilled with her computer and Apple I-phone which are both connected to the internet, Raine says they go through the I-cloud.

I-clouds are for I-phones and backs up pictures and text and contacts.

It, she says, even has a feature that will help you find your phone, and with that, she touched a few keys and made hers ring.. She said the people who had her

I-phone turned it on and immediately it connected with the internet. "My phone locked up."

It sent her a message that her phone had been found.

A map showed up on her computer screen and showed a dot where the phone was.

"I zoomed in on it."

It was in Dixons Mills beside some houses. She guessed some kids had picked it up and took it there.

After the deputy went there and found it, thanks to the old man who told him where the kids had been playing, he brought it to Raine in Nanafalia.

So being smart means she has a good start on her future. She mused that the bio-medical field stimulates her brain.

She doesn't rule out music because she plays a clarinet very well and may like to major in music and teach it.

Raine has time to make a decision. She is checking out various colleges and universities and the programs they offer.

She is looking for scholarships in music, band, or other fields where she is comfortable.

Currency, she said she frets in chemistry because if she misses one thing now, everything else in chemistry is built on that one thing and she fears she may not do well.

She does well with her great-grandmother Janice Rogers and her great-uncle Buck Rogers. They take care of her and she excels in school were she has been named editor of the school paper.

She moved in with them in their brick home in Nanafalia last May.

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Original Publication Date: January 15, 2015

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