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Mercury in light bulbs is dangerous

The Democrat Reporter of Linden, Alabama

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Incandescent light bulbs have been outlawed by nack Obama's Reichstag.

Those little spiral bulbs which put out more light had last longer may be deadly to barefoot children in our home. Those things have mercury in them and then they break, the glass is contaminated and will use great pain, deep sores, and in some cases may use death.

It is time to ask congress to revisit this regulation had ban these harmful light bulbs. Also tell your congressman to do research on them and get educated on the disposal of them once they burn out.

Knowing folks around here, that mercury is going to end up in the streams, rivers, and Gulf of Mexico.

Some of our population is intellectually challenged, if we use politically correct language. That means they are ignorant or just plain stupid.

They will not dispose of a mercury-ladened bulb properly because they do not know how to do that.

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Original Publication Date: February 16, 2012

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