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Dumpster Days are coming up for Mt. City

The Free Press of Buda, Texas

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Mt. City Montage

Oh my goodness! Wow! Do I ever have an announcement for you!

Right here in our little city that is still somewhat out in the country, right here in our little slice of paradise, SEVENTEEN Black-bellied Whistling Ducks hatched in a live oak tree hollow in Eric Perucca's back yard.

And, earlier, Black-bellied Whisding Ducklings hatched in such a hollow next door.

These great quantities give great hope for future generations of these interesting, if not odd, ducks in Mountain City. Cherish those tree hollows.

First things first. This weekend, the first Saturday in June, June 4, is our annual Mountain City Garage Sale. Put everything you want to sell together on your porch or driveway. Official time frame is 8 a.m. 4 p.m. Some will open/close earlier. And, some will be open on Sunday.

Then, the, following weekend is Dumpster Days. Dumpster Days, a Mountain City exclusive, is exclusively for Mountain Cityians. Be prepared to prove residency with a photo ID and current water bill.

Gigantic dumpsters will sit behind the tiny Old City Hall from Friday afternoon until 7 p.m. Sunday, June 12th.

Acceptable "junk" items include mattresses, appliances, furniture, lawn furniture, swing sets, garden tools and equipment, lawnmowers without tires, bicycles without tires

What's that? Without tires? Right, no tires of any sort will be accepted.

Other items that will NOT be accepted are: trees, limbs, and brush; and, hazardous materials.

If you have post storm tree trimmings, they will not be accepted during dumpster days.

If you have a treasure that someone else may love, leave it outside the dumpster so others can shop!

Those who volunteer get first dibs at treasures. Volunteers check off names, help direct traffic and placement of items, help unload, and determine which treasures stay out outside of the dumpsters.

To volunteer for a 4-hour slot on Saturday or Sunday, email

The next city council meeting is June 13, 24-hours after the Dumpster Days Weekend ends.

In the May council meeting, Lee Taylor mentioned that some have complained about paint and oil leaking from Mr. Green's garbage truck. Paint and oil?! Lee reminded all that hazardous materials not permitted in household trash.

Unfortunately, a few weeks back, caustic chemicals from hazardous materials left for pickup splashed in Mr. Green's eyes. At the beginning of Memorial Day weekend, it was reported that he hopes to return this week.

Talking about "not allowed", now's a good time to mention: plastic bags holding recycling must be emptied and removed, and not placed in the city's recycling bins. Plastic bags clog recycling machinery, so they are not accepted at the recycling center. Local grocery stores and hardware stores sell "recycling-center-acceptable" gigantic paper "leaf bags". And, talking about Mr.

Green, placing broken down cardboard boxes into the Mountain City recycling bins will take a load off Mr. Green. It's the green thing to do.

Talking about bins, my electronic bin always accepts tidbits. Email to or leave a message at 512-268-5678. Thanks! Love, Pauline.

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Original Publication Date: June 1, 2016

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