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Council makes West Hills sewers a priority; to prepare resolution concerning SPHS

Clinch Valley Times of St. Paul, Virginia

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The St. Paul Town Council, meeting in regular session at the Town Hall on Monday, January 17, agreed with Councilman Monty Salyer that the West Hills sewer system should be made a priority; and asked Mayor Kyle Fletcher to prepare a resolution to send to the Wise County Board of Supervisors concerning the St. Paul High School Building.

Councilman Salyer agreed to secure details necessary to go forward with the West Hills sewer system following a suggestion that the project be nade a priority by Council. Members discussed funding, and agreed that funds for the project might have to come from the Town if grants aren't available.

Citing several uses which have been made of portions of the now-vacant St. Paul High School building, such as the auditorium, Council members discussed several ways that the building could be used to benefit the community. They included use of parking facilities for community events, use of classrooms for various training programs (such as EMT), use of the auditorium for performances such as those sponsored by Pro-Art, or use of at least a portion of the building to house the J. Fred Matthews Memorial Library. Mayor Fletcher told Council that he would bring a resolution to the February Council meeting asking the Wise County Board of Supervisors to turn the building over to the Town for the benefit of the entire community.

An agreement was reached to set terms for the rental to the general public of the Estonoa Learning Center. Council agreed to charge $10 per hour, plus a $100 security deposit. The deposit would be returned provided the facility was left as it had been found. The schools and the Town will continue to have access to the facility, which is owned by the Town, without paying a fee.

Councilwoman Steele commented that St. Paul Tomorrow had applied for a grant without securing prior approval of Council. It was pointed out that the application was for a 501(c)(3) grant which would match the Food Stamp purchase at the Clinch River Farmers Market, (Beginning with the 2012 season, the Clinch River Farmers Market is authorized to accept Food Stamps in lieu of cash. The grant in question would match the amount actually spent by Market customers.) Councilwoman Sharon Steele moved that all grants made on behalf of the town be approved by Council before being submitted. Members concurred.

Present for the meeting were Council members Kenneth Hol-brook, Greg Bailey, Monty Salyer, Sharon Steele and Raymond Trent; Mayor Kyle Fletcher; Town Treasurer Debbie Baca; Town Attorney Greg Kallen; and several spectators.

Original Publication Date: January 19, 2012

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