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Solution to failed cypress mill could be a gas, gas, gas

The Ponchatoula Times of Ponchatoula, Louisiana

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A Colorado engineer's invention that converts coal, crop, forest or municipal waste, biomass, and a wide variety of other materials into useful hydrogen gas, transportation fuels with very low emissions, and clean burning diesel, has caught the interest of Parish President Gordon Burgess. At the urging of Ponchatou-la's Coach Bill Johnson, Burgess has been eying Marcus Wiley's invention to replace a failed cypress milling operation in Roseland headed by Pon-chatoula's Frank Vallot that has been shuttered.

Vallot's operation has been blamed for squandering over $3 million in state taxpayer monies before it was shut down.

Coincidentally, Vallot's shuttered mill abuts a troubled Die-bert Bancroft and Ross steel mill that Johnson earlier revitalized and put back in operation, its labor force put back to work.

Wiley was in Ponchatoula over the weekend and, with Johnson, toured the cypress mill and met over lunch with the publisher of The Ponchatoula Times, with whom Wiley shared his publication explaining how his clean energy process works. Wiley said he constructed his U.S. patented energy plant in Colorado and later had it disassembled, trucked to Toledo, Ohio, and reassembled there, where it is working today.

Wiley's company is TCG Global LLC. The TCG stands for Thermo Conversions Gasification Technology.

As an illustration of the possibilities using Wiley's technology, according to the company's literature: using high-quality coal, "one 500 ton-per-day plant has the following range of output capabilities - Generate up to 60 megawatts of electricity, or produce up to 25,000 gallons of diesel daily, or produce up to 100,000 gallons of mixed alcohols daily, or deliver 30 million standard cubic feet of hydrogen, or supply a combination of electricity and fuel products, depending on a customer's needs."

Original Publication Date: January 19, 2012

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