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Dispatch Procedures Unchanged For Area Residents

San Miguel Basin Forum of Nucla, Colorado

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In spite of the controversy surrounding the relocation of the Sheriff's emergency dispatch services to Montrose, the process for locals has been unaffected.

"We are conducting business as usual," said TJ. Jones, Nucla-Naturita EMS Coordinator. "If you have a fire or a medical emergency, you just need to call 911 or 864-7333, same as always," she said. The transition has resulted in some confusion here, as evidenced by a recent incident in Naturita. "We had a child injured at school," said Jones. "The school was under the impression that the ambulances had been moved to Montrose. They didn't want to have to wait 2 1/2 hours for an ambulance, so they never called," she said.

The potential for tragedy is obvious. Jones emphasizes that though the location of the dispatchers has changed, the local response service remains the same as it always has. "The ambulances are still here, the fire trucks are still here, we have the same personnel. All that's changed is who receives the calls," she said.

"We made sure that this was included in the contract when they switched over." Newly-elected EMS President Bob Roberts echoed Jones' sentiments.

"The Ambulance Service is alive and well, and still here to provide the same level of care and service that has always been here," he said.

In related news, elections were held last week for the Nucla-Naturita EMS Association.

The new Officers are: President, Bob (Jack) Roberts, Vice-President, Janet Roberts, Secretary, Jean Williams, Treasurer, Keith Dunaway, Training Officer, Jeff Stephens, and Ambulance Captain, Vern Roberts.

Original Publication Date: January 19, 2012

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