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Amanda Fiebelkorn, 27, of Gregory, SD. Domestic violence simple assault, no plea entered. Motion dismissed by prosecutor. Disorderly conduct, plead guilty. Sentenced to 30 days in jail with 27 days suspended and credit given for 3 days served. $40.00 liquidated costs, $23.50 surcharges, $2.50 victim's fund and $50.00 court costs. Pay fine, costs, restitution at the rate of $100.00/month starting 12-2-11; obey all federal, state, municipal ordinances; submit self to PBT or UA at the request of any law enforcement officer; submit self to warrantless search of person, vehicle or residence for the presence of alcohol, controlled drugs or marijuana; not to possess or consume any alcohol, controlled drugs or marijuana; not to enter any bars; attend and successfully complete intensive outpatient treatment by 3-6-2012; attend and successfully complete aftercare; attend and successfully complete counseling; court appointed attorney; status hearing set for 3-6-2012.

Isaac Kieffer, 35, of Gregory, SD. Fail to report accident to police officer, plead guilty. Fined $54.00, $40.00 liquidated costs, $23.50 surcharges and $2.50 victim's fund. Driving with suspended (not revoked) license, plead not guilty. Acquitted at trial.

Original Publication Date: January 18, 2012

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