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Agencies Release Final Analysis of Wagon Road Pilot

The Coquille Valley Sentinel of Coquille, Oregon

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Coos Bay District and the Coquille Indian Tribe are releasing today the final analysis concerning the Wagon Road Pilot project. The final environmental assessment, along with the signed Finding of No Significant Impact, is available online. The document, called the Wagon Road Pilot Environmental Assessment, includes analysis of the environment al effects of implementing a timber sale that will demonstrate Professors Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin's ecosystem restoration principles in a section of Coos Bay Wagon Road lands in Coos County. The proposed project includes 151 acres of variable retention harvest and is estimated to yield 6.1 million board feet of timber. The project also includes five acres of thinning within the Riparian Reserve to help beargrass grow, and nine acres of thinning and alder conversion in an area bordering marbled murrelet habitat.

A draft version of the document was available for public comment from November 10 - December 12, 2011. The agencies received five comments from six organizations during this time period. "Based on the comments we received, we made several changes to the document to clarify portions of the project. The changes aren't substantive, but hopefully they will add to people's understanding of the effects of the timber sale," said Mark Johnson, Coos Bay District Manager.

The Bureau of Land Management tentatively plans to offer the timber analyzed in the document for sale in February 2012.

The Wagon Road Pilot project is a collaborative effort between the BLM and Coquille Indian Tribe to plan and implement a timber sale that will demonstrate Professors Johnson and Franklin's ecosystem restoration principles.

Original Publication Date: January 18, 2012

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