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Still much to be thankful for in eastern Montana

Sidney Herald of Sidney, Montana

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Many would say the disappearance and death of Sherry Arnold was the worst incident in our community's recent history. While we have to agree, we know we still have better tomorrows in front of us.

We know that because of the people of this community. The motto "together, we do better," describes our area well. When there's a need, residents are always willing to give whether it's time, money or taking part in a search.

And it's together that we are grieving during this time. As Thomas Arnold, Sherry's brother-in-law, told the Herald, "We know we're not the only ones grieving,"

The Herald is thankful that so many pastors from the area took part in the community prayer service Friday night. It was a good place for many of us to be thai evening. We're thankful that one Sidney High School coach made this offer on Facebook, "To anyone that's hurting this weekend, I have an absolute open door policy. You are welcome in my home, anytime for that matter. The more chocolate ice cream you bring, the better-! We're all heartbroken and exhausted. Don't feel alone in your pains. Continued prayers. Love you." We're sure there are many ot tiers who opened their-doors and hearts to help us at this time.

Yes, we will get through this together. And tomorrows will be brighter for this community because our residents will make sure we continue to shine. We're too good of people to take wrong paths or negative paths even though we are hurting and feeling anger today

We will be a great community in the future like we have been in the past. That's what we expect. After all, being strong community members is what leaders like Sherry Arnold have taught us to be.

Original Publication Date: January 18, 2012

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