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Harmony residents surveyed on health

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What do you think of health care?

That is the question posed to residents in the Harmony neighborhood in a new survey designed by resident Beverly Coleman. Coleman is spearheading the process, which seeks to answer a number of questions to measure opinions on health care.

Coleman sent 500 surveys to residents in the. Harmony neighborhood. So far, she said only 50 have replied. To start the next phase of the grant process, Coleman said she needs to receive 200 to 300 of the surveys, if not more.

"In the country now, one-fifth of the money we bring in is spent on health and Medicaid and Medicare. It's growing to the point where we just can't do it," Coleman said. "Now, different hospitals have been asked to kind of partner with the communities and see what we can do about preventing illness and having people take better care of themselves, and then how can hospitals-especially hospitals in rural areas-how can they partner with the community in delivering a kind of health care that's affordable, but they just don't know how to do it."

Coleman, who has a master's degree in public health, received a grant to run the survey, said Susan Johnson, grants and operations coordinator for the Sedona Community Foundation. SCF paid $5,910 into the $6,500.

"The grant for the Harmony Health Plan was made possible by the collaboration between the Verde Valley Medical Center and the Sedona Community Foundation. In total, VVMC provided an additional $50,000 to our grant cycle in 2011, of which $5,910 went to Harmony," Johnson said. "Without that level of assistance, there were a number of grants that SCF either could not have made at all or would only have been funded at a much lower percentage of the original application. VVMC's participation allowed us the luxury of funding this community program."

The survey includes questions on safety, income, jobs, food governance. Coleman urged those residents to return the surveys by the end of the month.

"In this survey, instead of asking about the people and a lot of personal questions in the survey, we're asking people to tell us their perception of the health of the community. That is, is the community strong enough, is the community healthy enough, to help them become healthier? What do they need in order to do this? What kind of programs, what kind of health care, what kind of education, what kind of goals does the community need? This survey asks them to evaluate the community," Coleman said.

Following the survey, Coleman said she plans to seek a second grant to implement those goals identified by residents. A meeting was also held Jan. 8 for residents in the Harmony neighborhood.

"There is so much talent in the Harmony community, in the workforce and the creative energy. It's the oldest community in Sedona," Coleman said. "It's a historical subdivision. It's got the seniors and the young people, a lot of ethnicities, craftspeople and businesspeople, who provide services all over Sedona. It's a fiercely independent community."

Coleman can be reached at 204-9233 for more information.

Original Publication Date: January 18, 2012

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