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Congressman Westmoreland Meets With Community Leaders

,A group of community leaders enjoyed a recent visit from Congressman Lynn Westmorel and.

The visit was organized by the Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce.

During the visit, he gave the group an update on several issues from Washington, including the recent decision to extend the payroll tax by two months and the probability that this would be soon extended another ten months.

He also talked about the Savannah Harbor project and its implications for the Southeast, particularly when the widening of the Panama Canal is complete in 2014.

He helped the group understand the political environment which is keeping the Keystone Pipeline project from moving forward. This project could bring oil from Canada into The United States, along with thousands of jobs for our citizens, however it is the subject of significant opposition from environmental groups, so its status going forward is unknown at this time.

The group raised questions about the current field of Republican nominees and who might have the best chance of winning against President Obama.

The regulatory environment was also a topic of significant interest especially dealing with the Environmental Protection Agency, Equal Employment Opportunity

Commission, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, the federal Department of Transportation and the implications of the Voting Rights Act. r

The Congressman itroduced his new Legislative AideJ,theresa Garcia.

She was formerly an employee of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and played a key role in the campaign of Senator Josh McKoon.

Citizens can contact her directly if they have concerns they would like to bring to the attention of Westmoreland.

She can be contacted at 770-683-2033 (w); 202-308-9612 (cell) or email at

Original Publication Date: January 18, 2012

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