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Great year for Susanville future farmers

Lassen County Times of Susanville, California

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This school year, the Susanville FFA has had a successful year-not only in competitions but community services and charity. "Living to Serve" is part of the FFA's motto, and this year's officer team made it their goal to do just that by providing the members with many opportunities to serve.

Susanville FFA advisor, Holly Egan said "Students in the agriculture program learn what charity truly means by giving without receiving anything in return such as extra credit."

Sentinel Deni Harris headed up a drive for the Lassen County Animal Shelter during the month of October. She asked members to bring in specific dog, puppy, cat and kitten foods. Also she had a list of bedding and toys the shelter could accept. The animal shelter, drive was very successful, and all the staff at the shelter were 'very appreciative.

The FFA held its annual Thanksgiving canned food drive from November 1-17, co-chaired by Veronica Quintero and Shelby Junette. During the October FFA meeting, a motion was made and passed to conduct the food drive and donate two turkeys along with all collected goods to Crossroads Ministries. Members were asked to bring in any canned food and non-perishable items. Collection boxes were put in the agriculture classrooms and students brought in hundreds of items. The boxes were overflowing by donation day.

On Nov. 14 during the regular chapter meeting, a motion was made and passed to conduct an "Adopt a Family" community service and the chapter would match any amount that students donated. During the month of December until the start of Christmas break almost every member participated in the annual adopt a family program the Susanville FFA has been doing for many years. For this charity event advisors keep jars in their classrooms, and students are asked to give any spare change they have. At the end of the event, the money is tallied, and the Susanville FFA matches the money raised. The money goes to a less fortunate member of the FFA whose family will benefit from it. The member chosen stays anonymous and only the advisors know the member's identity. This year the pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters and bills were counted and $350 was the jars' total. With the chapter match $700 was raised, enough to adopt two families,

Susanville FFA members will continue to serve their communities and fellow citizens during the spring semester. There are some new community service events the FFA is excited about. Secretary Hannah Fortin suggested conducting the Lions In Sight program. She will be collecting glasses (with or without lenses) and then the glasses will be cleaned by members and sent to an optometrist to have the prescription checked then sent to a nearby Lions Club who will distribute the glasses. More information about the Lions In Sight will be available when the drive is started.

Vice President Kaitlyn Downing also has decided to incorporate the Purple Pinkies program during National FFA Week. This program helps raise money to send to India to help prevent Polio.

Students will be asked to donate 50 cents, then their pinkies will be dipped into purple paint representing they have donated. The idea of painting the pinkies is because the children in India who have been vaccinated get their pinkies dipped in dye to represent they have had the vaccination because there are no medical records. Downing has worked with the local Noon Rotary Club and will give the money raised to the Rotary so it can ensure the money will go to help eradicate Polio. susanviue at a nopes tnese will be just as successful as its other community services. They would like to thank the community for all its support to the members and chapter. And don't forget to get your

Ag licenses plates by January 31. Ask any FFA member or call Egan at 251-1160 for a form to fill out and support the California FFA and the continuation of agriculture education.

Original Publication Date: January 17, 2012

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