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To tree or not to tree-that is the question

We live in a fast-paced society that seems to be getting faster all the time. One example of rushing things is the fact that after back to school promotions are over, the Halloween candy comes out and that is in August! Of course, even before Halloween it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The poor pilgrims get lost in the shuffle between the ghosts and the elves.

Of course some might say we consumers bear some of the responsibility for this. I know people who have most of their Christmas shopping done before, the Fourth of July. If I did that I would forget where I had put half the things I bought and have to start all over again.

The next big issue is decorating. It vexes some people to see others out decorating for Christmas in October. The sentimental side of me says "too early" but the practical side of me says "it's warm"! You can put them up but don't have to turn them on or you can turn them on I don't really think it is my call unless I'm paying the electric bill.

At Thanksgiving, my family goes separate ways to other places then comes back the Sunday after for our gathering which I usually host. I have some general fall decorations and some Thanksgiving items which I leave out because I don't want to decorate for Christmas until the family is "officially" done with Thanksgiving.

So I just leave all fall out in the house. I like to mess with the younger generations heads by telling them the Pilgrims went trick or treating for the First Thanksgiving and got live turkeys and pumpkin pies stuffed in their goodie bags. School will correct them, that is what those teachers are for, right?

Then I have to rush to get the Christmas stuff out which is huge chore considering my ancestors came here in 1881 and, I don't think I am far off base here, I have inherited every single holiday decoration my family has ever owned. Of course, I buy more to add to it each October when I'm shopping for Halloween candy and Thanksgiving napkins!

I usually leave the tree up until Super Bowl Sunday (another tradition) but this year I think I'll start putting bunnies and eggs out on New Year's Eve. This' the season of some sort probably? No, kids, we can't light the sparklers for Groundhog's Day. That would just be silly.

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Original Publication Date: November 4, 2015

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