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The "Quintet of Blah" the G.O.P. hopefuls

The Mirror of Pahrump, Nevada

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More and more, the remaining five candidates hoping to capture the Republican nomination to run against incumbent Barack Obama in November are themselves each helping guarantee an Obama second term.

No question Obama needs plenty of help. No sitting President has even won re-election with the national unemployment rating above 7.5 percent. The "Obama Care" health plan rests in shreds. His ability to work with the Congress is less than successful. Barack Obama is an accident waiting to happen with an ever declining approval rating.

Yet, for all that his chances are on the rise. Mitt Romney, current front runner, has all the warmth of a Popsicle albeit he does posses a winning smile. A hail-fellow-well-met persona. Little other substance at least that is visible.

Ron Paul is in some ways everyone's fantasy favorite. Yet, at near 77 years of age his chances realistically are slim and none. At that same time in life the late Ronald Regan often forgot that he was ever President of our great country. The inevitability of advancing years.

Texas Governor Rick Perry can't be sure of anything. Not even at what age young adults can vote. His lapses of mind and memory majestic...or at least legendary. Well meaning is about the best that can be said for the amiable Texan.

Newt Gingrich could handle the job. Of the bunch Newt is the only real Washington insider. Gingrich might even have a darkhorse chance of ousting Obama. Newt's big obstacle is that he keeps tripping over his myriad human traits.

The attractive former New Jersey Senator Rick Santorum looks too much like Romney. Without the financial war chest. Attractive but cold as a cadaver. His best chance may be a V.P. spot on the ticket. The entire five a complete potpourri of political mediocrity at best.

Let's not forget, Obama has a secret weapon which may in the end guarantee continue residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Hillary may yet say "I do" to that second spot. A simple act of trading places with Joe Biden. Don't say it can't happen. Never say never

Original Publication Date: January 19, 2012

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