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Granite basket ballers hope for wins as season progresses

Philipsburg Mail of Philipsburg, Montana

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Now that 2012 is here, everyone is talking about how they can better themselves this coming year. The Granite Prospectors will hopefully have a change in their now 0-5 conference record as one of their resolutions.

The Blackhawks flew into Philipsburg from Seeley-Swan High School on January 6. Just in the first quarter, Phil Shields, senior, made one of his free throws and Skye Van Fossen, junior, added six points. Senior Justin Pergande, now fully recovered from his early season injury, put two additional points on the board. The game looked to be more exciting and close than expected with the home team barely trail-ing,9-ll.

Juniors Skye, Tayber Goff and Nick Vose added two more points each in the second quarter, and Phil put up four more. The Blackhawks 17-point addition put the boys down to 19-28 at the half.

Tayber shot one from the perimeter and Skye made tour more shots from the key. See-ley made a similar round of points. The third quarter ended 30-44. The final quarter was a tie at 16 points for each team. Sophomore Jerry Metesh made one free throw, Skye had two two-point baskets, a three-pointer, and a free throw. Of Seeley's 16 points, 12 of them came from the foul line.

The 46-60 loss was hoped to be forgotten as Granite returned to their own court the next day for a less pressured, non-conference game against the Charlo Vikings.

Tayber quickly led with a two-and three-pointer, and Justin followed up with two. This was not enough to stop Charlo from more than doubling them for a score of 7-16.

Justin added two more along with sophomore Austin Wald-billig and Skye made two additional baskets. The halftime score read 15-34.

Again, the second half was lined with fouls on Granite. Seven of Charlo's fifteen third quarter points were free throws. Skye put up four more points as Jerry and freshman Chase Comings each had two. Charlo still led 23-49.

Skye led the fourth quarter with 11 points and sophomore Cole Van Fossen, Justin and Tayber made two points each. This tied the fourth at 17, but it was not enough to take a win. Granite's weekend ended at 40-66.

The season is far from over, for the Prospectors will be facing the last two teams in District 13-C: the Lincoln Lynx and the Victor Pirates. They will travel to Lincoln January 13 and host Victor January 14.

Original Publication Date: January 19, 2012

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