New Year's Day is a time to reflect & plan for the future

By The Camp Verde Journal staff

The Camp Verde Journal of Camp Verde, Arizona

New Year's Day has arrived. The last few days of the old year and first day of the new year give us time to reflect on the events of the previous year and our hope for things to change as our calendars flip over.

Newspapers, magazines, television stations and websites are rife with best-of, top 10 or year in review lists. Now deep in the age of the Internet, some video or photo montage clip generally goes "viral," often with snippets of the best songs from the year.

We remember the world leaders and celebrities who have died in the past year and also reflect on the friends and family who have left our lives.

I love it all — New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are my favorite holidays.

On the last day of year, the world joins in one big party, starting in the Pacific and moving west one time zone at a time. As the day moves along, we put aside our differing nationalities, faiths and world-views to celebrate the changing calendar as one common people.

On New Year's Eve, we saw fireworks over Sydney Harbor, Tokyo Bay, the Blue Mosque, Red Square, the Parthenon, St. Peter's Basilica and Big Ben before the ball dropped on Times Square in New York City, kicking off the countdown in the United States.

In today's issue, we look back at the major events that have shaped Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Jerome and the surrounding communities in 2013 with a double spread on Pages 6A and 7A.

Cottonwood Journal Extra reporter Mark Lineberger scoured our past issues for the best news stories of the year — some amazing, some tragic — and condensed them down into an easily digestible list.

We also selected some of the year's best photos, highlighting the stories that either made our front page or the Living Page.

We hope you take the time on this, the first day of the new year, to read and reflect on what changes we saw in the last year. Hopefully these stories will make it easier to plan for what changes we as a community hope to see in 2014.

Happy New Year.

— Christopher Fox Graham Managing Editor

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